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Clay workshops

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We focus on native Mexican food dishes and other culinary aspects we can catering your events and possible we can teach you some things if you get a group of people interested in learning about our Mexican cuisine.

  Public talks  Mexican Identity in the XXI Century

This presentation explores the rich spirituality of Aztec dance. After the Spanish unsuccessfully attempted to eradicate the native cultures of Mexico (including their spiritually-powerful dance and music), they decided to mix aspects of Mexican indigenous traditions with their Catholic traditions. Some native Mexican people used this as a way to preserve mystical and spiritual aspects of Mexican indigenous wisdom. This talk explores Mexican identity and culture and also features a short documentary on the contemporary Aztec dance troupe of which Brujo de la Mancha is the founder. De la Mancha also explains the significance of clay flutes in traditional dance, and plays traditional melodies on flutes that he has made.

Equipment: Chalk board, DVD player, laptop computer, LCD projector, microphone (multidirectional, if possible), overhead projector and screen.



We offer classes and presentation of Native Mexican music with all hand made instruments, like clay flutes, log drums, ocean drums, gore drums, and more.

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