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12TH Annual "Philadelphia Indigenous Peoples Day" (official)

!!!Save the Day!!! 12Th Annual celebration!! 

We are getting ready for our !!Indigenous People day!! 

On October 9th at the Bartram's Garden from 12 am to 4 pm!! 

!!Grand entry at noon!!


Come prepared as you wish (regalia or not) is a day for all us to celebrate!! We hope to create a good event for all of us, every year has been very good!! for the last 9th years!! Hope to see you there!! Also, it would be tours of the garden!!! Any question please contac us.

"Philly Indigenous Peoples Day"   (Resolution No. 110641) 


Recognizing and honoring the achievements, traditions and contributions of American  Indians, also known as “indigenous peoples” of the City of Philadelphia and declaring October 8, 2011 as Indigenous Peoples Day and every first Saturday of October thereafter  as Indigenous Peoples Day.

WHEREAS, Over 4,000 indigenous  peoples currently live in the City of Philadelphia; WHEREAS, American Indians developed a highly advanced agricultural system that is  still practiced in our nation’s farming system, cultivating crops from potatoes, tomatoes, beans, chocolate, corn, pumpkins, and sugarcane among many others.


The mission is to Investigate, Understand and Raise Awareness of The Indigenous Peoples Culture, which flourished on this continent prior to the arrival of the Spanish in 1492.   




















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