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The mission of OLLIN YOLIZTLI CALMECAC is to investigate, understand and raise awareness of the MEXICAYOTL culture, which flourished in Mexico prior to the arrival of the Spanish in 1492.  

Virtual & Social Distance for Philadelphia Indigenous Day Oct. 12th 2020

We are planning to create a save space for our dancers and for some public at bartons greandes, for our annual "CELEBRATION" SATY TONE UP!!
This is the link for the Fb online event!

We are reopening!!

We are reopening and tryin to creat more online content, I hope you can fallow us and we will have some events coming soon..

Modern Alejrifes “Reincarnations from the Future”

We partner with the rotunda to create an online papper mache class, our Executive Director was teaching the class. https://youtu.be/Rl26DigWSlE

Screening Storyville

A screening and discussion in collaboration with The Free Library’s One Book, One Philadelphia; a citywide program engaging Philadelphians in readings and discussions around a single book, this year’s novel is There, There by Tommy Orange.
Ollin Yoliztli Calmecac uses dance and music to highlight indigenous history and the retention of cultural heritage in the context of modern immigration. How is movement a site for memory, on what terms can we call the body an archive? Presentation of media and audio by members of OYC with discussion to follow.
Aztec Dance in Philadelphia (USA, 2005, 15 min)
A visually captivating portrait of the group told through their own voices, Aztec Dance in Philadelphia is an engaging resource for educators teaching modern immigration and a colorful testament to the resilience of indigenous cultures.
Belmont Grove: Reclaiming Coaquannock (USA, 2016, 9 minutes)
This film tells the story of how Belmont Plateau served as a powerful gathering space for Philadelphia's indigenous communities for over a decade and the impact the loss of that space had. Voices from these communities share their histories and give testimony to the importance of having an indigenous gathering space to convene, celebrate and pass on traditions.


Spring Equinox 3/22/2020 CANCELLED


Due to government regulations on COVID-19, all our events, partnerships, and classes are canceled.


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by Dr. Radut