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Highlights 2003 to Present

In 2012, highlights summer wonder series of Penn Archeology and Anthropology museum, the rotunda of Pennsylvania


In 2011, highlights Friends Select school and the presentation in Hip-hop with borders festival


In 2010, highlights where the performs at the Erie art museum as a part of the Making Better exhibition, and and the summer wonder series of Penn Archeology and Anthropology museum


In 2009, highlights where that OYC has pursued cultural exchange with it's artist in residence program, bringing three masters to Philadelphia from across the country, and one of them was (Tlatoani) Master “Roberto Franco-Totokani”, to DC to perform at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts & The National Library of Congress on June 17&18 of '09.


In 2008, highlights where the "Puerto Rican Panorama" the station decided to put the show of TV in the World-wide Network. They decided to begin with this presentation! this will live in history: that first Puerto Rican Panorama in crossing the entire world in the Network has been the Aztec show. As well in The African American Museum in Philadelphia with the Exhihbition "The African Presences in Mexico", the Penn Museum as part of the "Summer wonder" and the "Google works Reading PA".


In 2007, highlights are at Kimmel Center Inc. for the performing Arts Academy of music, for the Summer solticio Ceremony, and “The Fall of the Bellybutton of the Moon” with Master Xavier Quijas Yxayotl, free for the community.


In 2006, highlights included “The Fall of the Bellybutton of the Moon” festival, a four-day master class in drumming and Clay Flute Making, by The Master Xavier Quijas Yxayotl, culminating in a performance at the Wilma Theater; and our performance at Philadelphia’s International House at the premiere of our documentary, produced with the help of Scribe Video.


In 2005, we performed Aztec Dance Ceremonies with other Native American groups, at the National Museum of the American Indian, in Washington, DC; for Hispanic Heritage Month at the State Capitol in Harrisburg; and in support of the Spirit of the Seventh Fire traveling Native American show.


The high point of 2004 was our Dance Ceremony for the opening of the Cacao exhibition at the Acadeur debut my of Natural Sciences.

Our debut was a Julia de Burgos High School in North Philadelphia

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