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In Memory of Barbara "Pocahontas" Allen.

Today we want to honor and respect the life of Barbara "Pocahontas" Allen, an esteemed Elder in the Philadelphia Indigenous community, the founder and main promoter of the Philadelphia Indigenous Day Celebration Pow-wow, a member of OYC’s  board, and a participant in our documentary, Belmont Grove Reclaiming Coaquannock. Pocahontas was of Seminole/Creek/Cherokee descent, born in Philadelphia. She worked in the Native community for years and supported many individuals, passing on the culture and offering her guidance and immense skills.  She is remembered for her powerful, regal and righteous stature at many events around the nation, including legislative hearings regarding Indigenous people here in Pennsylvania. One story that is circulating about her is of when she represented at the Untied Nations. At the UN assembly hall building, dressed in full regalia representing the Yamasee nation with her deer hoof knife, security was sent in to stop her from entering because of the knife. Pocahontas, never one to miss a beat, replied: “This is my country and the knife is part of my Regalia. You are visiting as an immigrant.  Get out of the way before we close you down." Her great passion and wisdom lives on in each of us.

Article | by Dr. Radut